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Kaff OPEC DHC 60 is made for you

If you like a touch elegance and class in your kitchen. The OPEC DHC 60 comes in curved black toughened glass and trendy curved shape. It is a 60 centimeter hood apt for 3 or 4 burner hob or gas stove. DHC 60 has a powerful motor which gives 1180 meter cube per hour suction capacity. It is equipped with stainless steel baffle filters and dry heat auto clean technology.

About Kaff OPEC DHC 60

Kaff OPEC DHC 60 dimensionsKaff is an reputed Italian brand renowned for their elegant gas hobs and chimneys. In India, Kaff has its corporate office in Gurgaon. The company has built a name for itself by offering best quality and service for their specialized kitchen line of products.

Kaff OPEC DHC 60 is a trendy looking hood with black finish. It will enhance the look of your modular kitchen with its curved toughened glass. This powerful kitchen chimney comes in 60 cm length which is close to 24 inches. Try to leave half an inch gap between the chimney and woodwork so that unnecessary vibrations do not pass on and create noise.

Features of Kaff OPEC DHC 60

1180 meter cube per hour suction capacity

Normally, more than 1000 cubic meter per hour is sufficient for Indian cooking. However, this chimney comes with 1180 airflow rate which is wonderful. It will ensure that the chimney captures all the vapour and impurities generated by your cooking. Although the speeds are divided into three sections – low, medium and high speed. However, high speed setting is seldom required. You will find yourself switching the 3rd speed only during frying or other heavy cooking. Most of the time you will find yourself shuffling between low and medium flow.

 Baffle FiltersKaff OPEC DHC 60 baffle filters

Kaff OPEC DHC 60 comes with stainless steel baffle filters. These are easy to clean and less noisy compared to cassette or honeycomb filters. Baffle filters ensure that oil droplets get condensed on the steel and smoke, vapour etc will escape through the exhaust pipe. You can easily clean the filters by immersing in warm soap water or vinegar and scrub gently with an old toothbrush.

Heat Auto-clean Feature

When you open the baffle filters, you will find a small oil collection cup installed behind. This oil collector is provided to collect all condensed oil from baffle strips as and when the auto clean button is turned on. An internal heater helps in melting of condensed oil. Furthermore, the internal structure of baffles is designed in a manner so as to deposit all the oily impurities in the oil collector. You just have to clean baffles once in a while (say about 15-25 days depending on your type of cooking and usage).

Touch Panel

Kaff auto clean chimney comes with touch controls to relieve you of the unnecessary hassle of washing or cleaning your engaged hands. Even if you are kneading dough or preparing a fried dish, it is always easy to switch on thanks to a robust touch panel. Furthermore, this chimney has 3 Watt LED lamps for better counter top illumination.

Installation of Kaff OPEC DHC 60

Kaff OPEC DHC 60 installedI would suggest to buy 6 inch diameter Aluminium or PVC pipe required for installation beforehand. Usually 10 feet long 6 inch flexible Aluminum pipe costs around 800 bucks at the hardware store together with round grill and fixtures. You can also purchase it online. Take a measurement of your chimney to outlet length before buying the pipe.

Usually, Kaff team charges 500 rupees for installation. If they provide the pipe, they might charge you anything between 2500 to 3500.

Warranty and Customer Care of  Kaff OPEC DHC 60

Kaff OPEC DHC 60 comes with 5 year warranty on the entire product including motor etc. Warranty covers all sorts of manufacturing defects.

You will need to call Kaff Toll free number at 1800-180-2221 or SMS ‘Kaff’ to 56677 for installation and service / warranty claims. In case you are not able to get through the Toll free number, you can try 011-25902900. You can also e-mail your concern to customercare@kaff.in. Usually Kaff customer care is rated high by customers. However, quality products and services often come with extra price tag.

Retail Price of  Kaff OPEC DHC 60

The retail price of this kitchen chimney is about Rs. 20,000 – 22,000 in Delhi NCR stores. Therefore, it is much better to buy this chimney online.

Review of  Kaff OPEC DHC 60

Low Noise
Good Looks
Suction Capacity
Ease of Cleaning
Installation & Service
+ Positives:
  • Auto-clean facility comes quite handy
  • Powerful suction capacity
  • Baffle filters for better air flow
- Negatives:
  • No remote control
  • Bit higher priced than similar chimneys

Specification: Kaff OPEC DHC 60

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  1. Gagandeep Singh walia

    DONT BUY A KAFF PRODUCT. Kaff After sales service is poorest possible. I bought a hob around 3 years ago and its glass broke. For last one month I am chasing these days and they have all the excuses in the world, at first it will come in a week then it will come in next two days and then they say it will come again after a week, I mean it is amazing how they operate their after sales service. There is one mr prem yadav who I believe is in charge of after sales, he full of excuses. When you confront him he stops picking up your phone. If you want to throw away your money only then buy a kaff product. Basically if it malfunction for some reason, you will have to throw it away. GAGAN WALIA – captgaganwalia@gmail.com

 17,990  14,998

Last updated on September 8, 2018 3:56 pm
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