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Inalsa Cruise 60 is a stylish 60 cm chimney suitable for wall mount duct installation. It comes in silver steel as well as black finish. This chimney has a rated air flow of 1250 meter cube per hour. It is equipped with dual honey comb filters made of stainless steel. It also has heat auto clean technology which helps in reducing your work-load of cleaning the chimney from time to time.

Features of Inalsa Cruise 60

1250 meter cube per hour suction capacity

Inalsa Cruise 60 air flow big

We recommend more than 1000 cubic meter per hour capacity which is sufficient for Indian cooking. Inalsa Cruise 60 comes with 1250 airflow rate which is quite powerful. It will ensure that the chimney captures all the vapour and impurities generated by your cooking. Although the speeds are divided into three sections – low, medium and high speed. However, high speed setting is seldom required. Most of the time you will find yourself shuffling between low and medium flow. High speed is required mostly for heavy work like deep frying.

Honeycomb Filters

Inalsa Cruise 60 comes with stainless steel dual honeycomb filters. Compared to baffle filters, honeycombs are bit difficult to clean and more noisy like cassette filters. However, honeycomb filters are quite efficient at getting oil droplets to condense on the steel while smoke, vapour etc escape through the exhaust pipe.

Heat Auto-clean Feature

When you open the honeycomb filters (also called boat filters), you will find a small oil collection cup below it. This oil collector is provided to collect all condensed oil from honeycomb strips as and when the auto clean button is turned on. An internal heater helps in melting of condensed oil from the motor as well as rotor blades. Furthermore, the internal structure of honeycomb is designed in a manner so as to deposit all the oily impurities in the oil collector. You just have to clean filters once in a while (say about 15-25 days depending on your type of cooking and usage). Just immerse the filters in warm detergent water or pour some vinegar in warm water. Use an old tooth-brush for best results.

Touch PanelInalsa Cruise 60 panel

Inalsa Cruise 60 auto clean chimney comes with touch controls to relieve you of the unnecessary hassle of washing or cleaning your engaged hands. Even if you are kneading dough or preparing a fried dish, it is always easy to switch on thanks to a robust touch panel.

Furthermore, this chimney has 3 Watt LED lamps for better counter top illumination. Also, the chimney is energy efficient as the motor takes only 183 Watt load.


Maximum noise generated by this Inalsa chimney is 65 db. This is bit on the higher side owing to boat filters installed in the chimney.

Inalsa Cruise 60 dimensions bigInstallation of Inalsa Cruise 60

A 6 feet long plastic pipe is provided with this Inalsa kitchen chimney. However I would suggest to buy 6 inch diameter Aluminium or PVC pipe required for installation beforehand. Usually 10 feet long 6 inch flexible Aluminum pipe costs around 800 bucks at the hardware store together with round grill and fixtures. You can also purchase it online. Take a measurement of your chimney to outlet length before buying the pipe.

Usually, Inalsa installation team charges 800 to 1000 Rupees for installation. If they provide the pipe, they might charge you anything between 2500 to 3500. This can be avoided if you buy the exhaust pipe yourself. Also, be sure to install the chimney at a distance of 65-70 cm from the top of hob or gas stove. Furthermore, you should leave a gap of around 1/2 inch on each sides of the chimney so that it does not touch your woodwork and cause more unnecessary noise.

Warranty and Customer Care of  Inalsa Cruise 60

Inalsa Cruise 60 comes with 7 year (Life time) warranty on the motor and 2 years on product. Warranty covers all sorts of manufacturing defects.

You will need to call Inalsa Toll free number at 1860-420-4249 or e-mail to for installation and service / warranty claims. Be sure to be handy with the model number before you place the call. Usually Inalsa customer care is prompt but on few occasions they are slack. In case the toll free number is not reachable or busy, you can contact Inalsa team on 011-65030034/35/36/37/38 or whatsapp on +91 85 27015102.

Retail Price of  Inalsa Cruise 60

The retail price of this kitchen chimney is about Rs. 14,000 – 15,000 in Delhi NCR stores. Therefore, it is much better to buy this chimney online.

Review of  Inalsa Cruise 60

Low Noise
Good Looks
Suction Capacity
Ease of Cleaning
Installation & Service
+ Positives:
  • 1250 meter cube per hour suction capacity
  • Thermal Auto clean function with gas leakage sensors
  • 2 years warranty on entire chimney and 7 years warranty on motor
- Negatives:
  • Honeycomb filters instead of baffle filter which contributes to noise
  • No remote with this model

Specification: Inalsa Cruise 60

Size (cm)

Mount Type


Black, Steel

Filter Type

Honeycomb Filter

Auto Clean Feature

Heat Auto Clean

Suction Capacity (CMH)


Noise Level (Decibels)




Power Consumption in Watts

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 27,000  13,499

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