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Hindware Revio 60 is the best and most trendy looking auto clean chimney in the Hindware Ensemble line of Kitchen chimneys. It has a heat based 3rd Generation Auto Clean system. Revio 60’s 1200 meter cube per hour suction capacity is apt for a mid to large size kitchen. It has double baffle filters and low noise at around 58 db max.

Features of Hindware Revio 60

Chimney Size

hindware revio 60 dimensions

Hindware Revio 60 kitchen chimney has length of 60 cm which is equal to 23.62 inches. This size is most suited for compact hobs or gas stoves. Most ideal combination is a 60 cm 3 0r 4 burner hob. Ideally, space between hob or stove burner and chimney should be about 70 cm or 27.55 inch. This will ensure best efficiency as well as appropriate clearance for you to work. Also, please try to leave an inch space between chimney and woodwork so that the vibration from motor of the chimney should not get accentuated on the woodwork. This will ensure lesser chimney noise.


Suction Capacity

Hindware Revio 60 has air flow equivalent to 1200 meter cube per hour. This is quite sufficient for Indian mid-sized kitchens and our type of cooking. Infact, the maximum speed is hardly ever required. You may require maximum speed during heavy cooking work like deep frying. Otherwise, speed 1 and 2 are good for normal cooking work like boiling etc.

Finishing and Color

Hindware Revio 60 comes in stylish jet black finish. It also has a black curved protective glass and black coated control panel. The control panel has feature touch switches which are quite smooth and easy to use. Glass brandishing also gives the chimney unit an elegant look. It is also easier to clean as impurities don’t usually stick on the glass portion. You just need to wipe the glass with colin or any other cleaning agent once in a while.

hindware revio 60 bottom look


Hindware has provided the standard 2 LED lamps for illuminating your hob or stove. Both are 1.5 Watt LED bulbs so that gives you around 3 Watts of illumination power. This is quite enough for cooking needs.

Auto Clean

Hindware being pioneer of Auto clean technology in India, they have come a long way in adapting and improving the technology. Hindware Revio 60 has latest generation Heat based auto-clean system. A special winding is provided in the motor which heats up the oil deposits and makes them gather in the oil collector cup. You don’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning the filters every week. Just need to clean the oil container and baffle filters once in a while. Thus, this chimney saves a lot of time. Every week you can just switch the auto clean on and once in a while clean the baffle filters by submerging them in hot water and detergent. Use an old toothbrush to scrub out impurities for best results.

Dual Baffle filters

This model comes with dual layer of stainless steel baffle filters. While heat auto clean ensures longer life of the motor, dual baffle filters provide resistance for oil and impurities to reach the motor and get condensed mid-way.

Low Noise

Even when the unit is running at maximum speed, there is lower noise compared to other chimneys in same price point. I measured the noise level through a trust-worthy app and found it to be lower than rated 58 db at full speed.

Warranty & Customer Care

Hindware Revio 60 comes with 1 year comprehensive warranty and 5 years warranty for the motor. This actually makes it a very good deal. For installation and service you will need to contact Hindware customer care at 1800-3010-2273.

Before calling for installation, it makes sense to measure the length of pipe required for exhaust in your kitchen. Just measure distance from chimney to the hole in the wall where you need to fix the pipe. Pipe diameter required is 6 inches. You can easily get a nice Aluminium flexible pipe for around 800 to 1000 rupees. Furthermore, the installation guys from Hindware usually charge 500-600 bucks.

Alternatives to Hindware Revio 60

Hindware Revio 60 is one of the best looking and feature packed kitchen chimney. However, it comes at a price tag of about 13-15 k. If you are exceeding your budget than you can look at other 2 alternatives in Hindware. These have same specifications with minor changes –

  1. Hindware Cleo 60 (this one has single baffle filters and water based auto clean system- rest all features are same as Revio) costs 2-3k less
  2. Hindware Nevio 60 (this one has single baffle filters and heat based 3rd generation auto clean system) costs 4-5 k less

Review Rating of Hindware Revio 60

Low Noise
Good Looks
Suction Capacity
Ease of Cleaning
Installation & Service
+ Positives:
  • 3rd Generation Heat Auto Clean system
  • Dual Baffle filters
  • 1200 meter cube per hour suction capacity which is sufficient for most kitchens
  • Very trendy look and design with smooth touch controls
  • Hindware has better service and installation than most other chimney makers
- Negatives:
  • Does not come with remote... but who needs a remote for chimney? - its hardly ever required

Specification: Hindware Revio 60

Size (cm)

Mount Type



Filter Type

Baffle Filter

Auto Clean Feature

Heat Auto Clean

Suction Capacity (CMH)


Noise Level (Decibels)




Power Consumption in Watts

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 25,990  14,980

Last updated on September 8, 2018 3:56 pm
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